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Ep. 14: Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making With FB Groups For Grassroots Marketing

Building a Community Through Grassroots Marketing

grassroots marketing

How can you create an engaged Facebook Group with grassroots marketing? The Sabbatical Beauty Facebook Group has over 3,000 members and is one of the biggest converters to sales for my business. How can you do this for yourself as well? Make sure you don’t make these top five Facebook Group mistakes!

Show notes: Grassroots marketing tips
  1. Spend time with people in your Facebook group.
    1. Don’t just post and leave.
    2. Respond to comments.
    3. Respond to old conversations
    4. Don’t tag people without a specific reason why they should care.
  2. Treat your customers like your best friends. Name products after them, even.
  3. Include images and videos of yourself. Yes I know you hate that but you gotta do it. They want a human company, not a big multinational corporate robot.
  4. Really try to find out what your customers think.
  5. Make the members of your group feel like a community. Basically like the conversations going on the group are the best party that they never want to leave.



Sabbatical Beauty Facebook Group


  1. Camila says:

    Ohhh, this was wonderful! The first 2 points I’m already doing but THIS is the gold for me:

    Show my face. Include more images, video, and live video of myself.

    Pull back the kimono. Find out customers are not happy with. Make them feel heard. Have conversations.

    Make community. Be a friend < sort of do this already but need to be more consistent.

    Thank you for this amazing podcast!

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