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Ep 6: The Perfectionist’s Answer To Getting It Done

Perfectionist? So am I.

I’m not a perfectionist at EVERYTHING I do, but I sure as heck am about my business.

So how do I survive and not go mad?

I create todo lists I can actually do. And which meet my crazy high standards. 

And ironically? I make these crazy high todo lists by the principle of dialling it back

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Show Notes

Have you ever created a to-do list with items you never actually did? If you’re the type to hyperventilate at the thought of your list because there’s never enough time to get anything done, this is the episode for you. Today, I’m here to teach you the importance of dialing it back. Break down the steps to your project — and then break them down again even further — to succeed in the way you want to!

Think small

I taught a class where I asked my students to decide on one small, overarching goal for the week, and then write down the small tasks related to that goal. I was surprised to realize that for the majority of my students, they needed to think smaller about their tasks.

For example, one of my students listed writing a book chapter as a small task. Everyone, writing a book chapter is not a small task! It takes a lot of work. Outlining. Drafting. Editing. Revising. Editing. And so on. That takes a lot longer than a week.

Shift the focus of the to-do. Instead of writing an entire chapter, try something like “spend 45 minutes drafting the book chapter, three times a week.” Giving yourself the time and space to invest on actually work on the goal — rather than making yourself complete a task — is the most important thing.

Setting yourself up for success

When you create a bunch of small, winnable wins, then you start building momentum. You won’t be able to stop creating and achieving more of and more of your small goals — until you’ve created so much momentum, that you’re much further along than you ever believed possible.

One of my students, Jordan Bell, spends Sunday evenings planning the week ahead. It allows her to move things forward on her side hustle without sacrificing time with family and friends!

Setting up small, measurable wins allows you to meet yourself where you are. If you insist on scheduling a win that’s going to take sixty hours a week where your schedule only has twenty hours to spare, you’re going to set yourself up to fail. But what happens? You blame yourself, or you decide that it’s the wrong goal for you.

But that’s wrong — it’s not you, it’s not your goal. It’s your process. And you can set that up to make sure you achieve your goals.

Has this ever happened to you before, and have you tried dialing back your goals for the week?

What is a “small win” for you? I’d love to hear from you. Come tell me about your progress in the Sabbatical Beauty Facebook group. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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