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Ep 12: Skin Care Marketing Strategy

Attracting Customers Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or #IStanAOCForever

Because I used to be a professor, this podcast has a thesis. 

I start with the old adage: that it is folly to mix politics and business.

My thesis: that this old chestnut ‘DON’T MIX POLITICS AND BUSINESS” is a flaming dumpster fire load of horse poop.

The adage goes: if you mix business and politics, you’re going to go broke and your business will be a big empty nada-nothing.

Believing in this “commonsense” dogma was how I ran Sabbatical Beauty for the last three years.

And I think the more I followed this advice, rather than by true heart, the more it has been bad for the business.

Because it’s time for a change. And time for us to test this. (Since apparently Penzey’s Spices or Ben & Jerry’s examples aren’t enough.)

So let’s get real. Real political. 

And real expetive-y, because that’s who I am.

And you know what? I think being true to myself, rather than confirming to some milquetoast customer expectation of what I should be (standard corporate Zzzzz talk), will help me to sell my products better than ever before.

Are you in for the ride?

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Show Notes

How am I going to do this? 

By changing up by skincare marketing strategy to align with my values.

Specifically, by positioning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (also known, affectionately, by her followers as @AOC, her Twitter handle) as my Ideal Customer Avatar.

This is my #IStanAOCForever Campaign, in which I try to improve Sabbatical Beauty with AOC as my ideal customer that I want to attract.

Why Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?

Because THIS. 


Because she doesn’t care WHO you are. She cares about HER constituents. She cares about people like you and me, more than big corporate funding.

Because she has no time for established Dems telling her to wait her turn. Because she turns all social media attempts to “shame” her into something that makes people love her even more. Because Republicans are shit scared of her and secretly envy her.

Yes. I’m using tried and true business tactics here to show that old adages like “don’t be political in your business or you’ll die” are wrong.

I explain it all in my podcast above, including my marketing strategy. I break down marketing terms like “organic leads” and “ideal customer profile” to you, and why marketing to AOC as my ideal customer avatar (i.e. AOC as who I ASPIRE to be), is going to make Sabbatical Beauty and the Homebrew Beauty Revolution the biggest thing ever.

And don’t forget the most important part of the Homebrew Beauty Revolution.

YOU. Because I can’t do it without you.

Get started with listening to my episode above ^

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