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Ep 11: DIY Skin Care Revolution

Start a DIY Skin Care Business!

A beauty brand that’s not only going to give you the recipes for its best products — but show you how you can make them yourself, down to where to buy all the ingredients? That’s what I’m doing at Sabbatical Beauty, and that’s how I’m starting the Sabbatical Beauty DIY Skincare Revolution.

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Show Notes

The controversy

In 2016, I got a lot of crap from the US Korean beauty bloggers who accused Sabbatical Beauty of stealing a recipe. It’s obviously completely false, as the ingredient lists for the two products are completely different, but that fake news has been dogging me ever since. It won’t stop following Sabbatical Beauty around, and it’s gotten on my nerves.

So I’m doing something about it.

Complete transparency

I’m going to show all these people how wrong they are because I’m developing my new Sabbatical Beauty product in public.

You are going to have the recipe for my brand new product and know exactly how to make it. Why?  I want to empower you. I want you to know what works on your skin, why ingredients are chosen, and whether a product is worth its price.

Revolutionizing the beauty industry together

I don’t want the beauty industry to be another industry where everything is a secret and we’re suspicious of one another. I want to empower you to start your own skincare company if you want to, and I’ll support you!

To get started, sign up for my free webinar training series called “Luxury Skincare: Is It Worth The Cost?”

You’ll learn how to read an ingredients list like a professor so you no longer feel lost in Sephora, trying to figure out if the rep is trying to hard sell you. You’ll know for yourself if the product is worth it or not, and whether they’re taking you for a ride! If you want to make your own products for your hypersensitive and reactive skin that nothing has worked on before, then you’re in the right place at the right time.

After the webinar series, I’m releasing the product with product kits to make the products, and videos so you can follow along.

It’s going to be amazing, and you and I are going to be the ones to change the beauty industry together.




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