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Ep 10: How To Ask For A Raise

Ask For A Raise With Confidence!

Have you been working for the longest time without a raise, but scared shitless to ask your boss for one? In this episode, I’m going to show you the strategy that works with bosses, and how to gather what you need to ask for a raise with confidence!

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Show Notes

To give a raise, or not to give a raise… that is the question

The most common reasons I hear people give for needing a raise are:

  • I deserve it because I’ve taken on more responsibility
  • I deserve it because I’ve been putting in longer hours
  • I deserve it because my family needs it

These might sound familiar to you, but these reasons won’t work for your employer. Instead, you need to show how your contributions have:

  • Added to the company’s bottom line
  • Made your boss’s life easier
  • Contributed to your boss’s performance review and made them look better and possibly gotten them a raise because of your work

Your boss wants to see you as contributing to the company and thinking of the company’s needs, not yours.

How to demonstrate your value

You need to have your contributions documented and quantified before coming into that conversation so that you’re armed with numbers that reflect your worth.

If you’re a social media manager, measure the statistics of what you’ve been working on. How many likes has your page gotten in the last quarter? Which of your posts had the most engagement? Did any of the new sign-ups from your posts turn into new customers?

If you’re a manager working in processes, what changes have you made to save the company money in the long run? Perhaps you reorganized the inventory and now it’s so neat, the company can see the materials they actually have on hand instead of buying duplicates. If they’re making the same amount of sales but spending less to do it, then that’s a powerful contribution.

In summary

Think hard about how you can demonstrate these numbers — and your worth — to your boss. You want to make your argument extremely logical that you’ve brought immense value to the company. If they don’t retain you, it’s quite literally their loss. Asking for a raise is easy because you’re making it obvious that you deserve one!

Bonus tips!

All these statistics that you’re collecting? Put them in your résumé. These same metrics will prove to other companies that you can increase their market value. If you’re doing your job well (meaning, you deserve a raise), then you’ll also be able to get a job elsewhere if you do this in the smart way.

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