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Masterclass: Minimum Viable Product

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Notes with Timestamp:
2:40 Minimum Viable Product Definition
3:30 Why do you need a Minimum Viable Product? – How to demonstrate a need and want for your product using limited resources
4:30 It’s harder to develop a brand identity when launching multiple products
5:20 A MVP should be something easy to produce
7:00 Ideal Customer Avatar Pain Points – Buying a purse as an example
8:20 MVP as a Progression of Products – a timeline of your customer’s journey
9:00 Customer Progression: 0% = Customer’s Pain, 100% = Hopes and Dreams
11:15 Customer Progression 20% – Your first launch should solve 20% of your customer’s pain (quick wins and low price points)
12:00 MVP as a Progression of Products Chart
14:08 Customer progression: 100% – Complex goals and higher price points
14:40 Why start with a 20% product vs an 80% product
20:10 Progressing from a 20% product – More “done for you” or customized products
22:40 What is a “Lead Magnet?”
25:30 Zelideth’s Example
32:20 Adeline’s feedback for Zelideth
37:40 People pay the most for time saving products
39:00 Watchouts!
40:40 Gaby’s Example with Adelie’s feedback
50:50 Zelideth’s update
53:30 Adeline’s new plan for Zelideth
1:01:40 Jen’s feedback for Gaby’s and Zelideth’s products



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