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TWO amazing Masterclasses for the price of ONE!

Just for Black Friday--because I love you guys! For a very limited time, get my first TWO Masterclasses for the price of ONE. These two Masterclasses will help you to figure out if you should pursue your side hustle idea, step-by-step – whether you are wanting to launch a digital product or a physical product. Nothing is left out.

For the price of ONE masterclass, you get access to both masterclasses on going further with your side hustle idea: digital and physical products. Through both,

You will learn:

  • The Biggest Myth that most first-time entrepreneurs fall prey to
  • Why a blog should NOT be your first digital product
  • How to lock down your ideal customer and find out what they REALLY want
  • How to create a product that will actually sell out when you launch it
  • What you need to look out for when launching physical versus digital products, and the risks and costs involved in each

What You Get

Two Masterclasses

That teach you, step by step, how to develop and test your product idea

Guided Worksheet

To finding your ideal customer and nailing down the perfect product that will have them salivating even before it’s available

Dedicated Facebook Group

Access to our dedicated Facebook Group to brainstorm your ideas until the end of 2018

“I’m so pleased to have experienced Adeline Koh’s Boss Foundations Masterclasses. After only two Masterclasses so far (How To Know If Your Side Hustle Has Legs: Digital Product and Physical Product editions) I have already gained so much information and structure for my ideas. Adeline’s Masterclasses taught me how to turn my ideas for a side hustle into a series of actionable steps to take. This included specific suggestions for research, and a step-by-step homework task to envisage my ideal customer avatar so I could make sure my products would appeal to them. This is a task I’d attempted a few times on my own before and had never been able to understand properly. Now I know the secret! Adeline’s explanations unpacked everything I needed to know, and gave me lots of new things to think about. She is a really clear teacher and knows this area very well, through her work on her own very successful business. Her “next steps” ideas have given me a lot of research to do on my own, but now I feel that I have a clear understanding of where to direct my energy into the future. I’m feeling inspired, energised and like my side hustle project is really going to go somewhere!”

— Dr. Jordan Bell, Psychologist


Ambitious women with a side hustle idea but are not sure about where to go for their next steps. Women who don’t want to waste their time and money in a product that will not sell. Women who want tried-and-true and the shortest, effective methods to creating a lucrative side hustle.


This special offer on BOTH masterclasses expires midnight EST, Monday November 26, 2018.

“The Boss Foundations’ “Does Your Side Hustle Have Legs” series is amazing. I started down this road scared about paying for a service that I thought I’d never follow through on. Honestly, it was because I was scared. Now, I’m able to articulate my ideal client avatar, what my potential product will be, and how to go about developing the skills to pursue this side hustle. I never thought that investing in my small dream would result in this. Really, though, it’s because of Adeline’s guidance. Her belief in you and your potential really pushes you to put every effort forward. I feel so much more confident in my ability to create, launch, and sustain my side hustle. Thank you, Adeline for creating the SB Boss Foundations.”

— Dr. Zelideth Rivas, Professor


Black Friday One Time Deal



This limited time offer ends next Monday, November 26

  • Lifetime access to two Masterclasses
  • Masterclass 1: Digital Products
  • Masterclass 2: Physical Products
  • Guided worksheet to nailing down your perfect customer and creating the product that they will be fighting to be first to pay you for
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Limited time offer. Expires Monday, November 26, 2018.

“I’ve known for a while that I need a second income stream. I’ve even had several ideas that I’ve toyed with on and off. Mostly, I’ve been intimidated by all the unknowns. Afraid that my lack of experience meant assured failure. Having gone into this series of classes believing I would be woking on a physical product, I am now very clear that this is not something I want to pursue. I cannot tell you what a valuable insight this is for me. Like many of you, my time is limited. Rather than spend my scarce free time on an idea that would never have worked, I now have the tools to pursue ideas that match with my time and financial resources. These first two classes really work best as a combo. So I was really excited to hear that Adeline will be offering both of them on Black Friday for the price of one. an’t think of a better gift to give yourself than an investment in your future side hustle.”

— Cristin Burns, Marketing Executive

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